Can I trade my warriors?

Yes, it is completely up to you. But you still can earn just by holding warriors.

How can I check my warrior's rarity & attributes

You can check your warrior's attributes from phantom wallet collectibles section. Rarity depends on what attributes you have. Please check rarity table on the website.

How can I know my warrior is rare?

Your warriors head simply tells you the military rank. Example: Silver head is for captain. Also every warrior has rare traits like special shield, sword or armor and environment.

How is Elite Legion made?

Our warriors are made by 3D artists. All of warriors are handmade.

What is The Elite Legion

The Elite Legion is 3,000 unique 3D handmade warriors ruled by one king and one queen. Each warrior is distinguished by everything from others, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person.

When will minting start? How much will it cost?

Minting starts on 1PM GMT 8th, Nov. Minting cost is 1.5 sol

Where can I get information about Elite Legion?

You can get information from here 👇